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Prairie Customs specializes in providing top-notch exterior and interior detailing services for vehicles. Whether you need to enhance the appearance of your car’s exterior or clean up its interior, we have got you covered. Our experienced technicians use premium-quality products and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver exceptional results every time. We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. Let us transform your car into a visually stunning and immaculately clean vehicle.




Exterior Detailing and Polishing

Get your vehicle to sparkle and shine like brand new. Our technicians use paint correction techniques with filler free and silicone free polishes.

Have a black finish? Our specialty is ensuring there is no residue left behind. We use the Rupes polishing system, a high-end polisher, to carefully and effectively remove scratches without posing a danger to your paint’s finish. Come in to get your specialized quote! Call or Email us today for a free estimate!

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing provides several benefits to your vehicle, including improved air quality, increased resale value, and a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. A thorough cleaning of the interior removes dust, dirt, and allergens that can negatively impact air quality and contribute to respiratory issues. Properly detailing the interior also helps to maintain the condition of the upholstery and surfaces, preventing wear and tear and keeping the vehicle looking and feeling newer for longer. Additionally, a well-detailed interior can make the car more appealing to potential buyers, increasing its resale value.

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Amy F.

“Amazing prices and even better customer service. 10/10 would recommend these guys!”

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“I definitely understand why this place was highly recommended. Awesome staff and owner. Down to earth guys, super friendly, no stress but work efficiently. Don’t really need to shop around. And more than reasonable pricing. Definitely recommend.”

Elisabeth W.

“Personalized, caring service (so hard to find in this day of no personal contact), great product and quick turnaround. THANK YOU PRAIRIE CUSTOM.”

Give your car the ultimate makeover with our professional exterior and interior detailing service. Our experts will work their magic to make your ride shine like never before. Say goodbye to dirt, grime, and smudges and hello to a sparkling clean car. We take pride in our attention to detail and use only the best products to ensure a flawless finish. Trust us to make your car look its absolute best!



Interior car detailing includes vacuuming, cleaning and conditioning of upholstery and leather, shampooing carpets and mats, cleaning the dashboard, center console, and other surfaces, and treating windows and mirrors. It aims to restore the vehicle’s interior to a near-new condition.


Exterior car detailing includes washing and drying the vehicle, clay bar treatment to remove contaminants, polishing to remove scratches, waxing or sealing for protection, cleaning and shining wheels and tires, and treating windows and mirrors for clarity and protection. It aims to enhance the vehicle’s appearance and protect its paint and surfaces.

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